My Unity Temple book just arrived today. All I can say is, it was more than worth the wait. This publication is a masterpiece, as is its subject.

I have been studying FLLW since the age of about 18 (I am now almost 79), and have personally visited and photographed nearly all the Wright buildings open to the public in North America, and most of the Sullivan banks—plus many still in the hands of original clients generous enough to invite an itinerant young pilgrim inside—and the Unity Temple remains my first love and all-time favorite to this day. I first toured it as a third-year Rice University architecture student in 1966, and instantly understood that organic architecture and the work of FLLW was going to be at the heart of my career and my consciousness for the remainder of my life—a prediction which came true.

I have an extensive collection of books on Wright, his work, his principles, and this building in particular, but this is without doubt the best monograph on the subject I have ever encountered. If the Master were alive today, I have no doubt he would concur. My hat is off to the author and the photographer (I used to think myself a pretty good medium-format architectural photographer, but this eclipses any I have ever seen). And the total book design is superb. I can’t thank you enough for making this magnificent tome available.

I’m happy to share a few photos from my 50 year career as a registered architect in Texas and British Columbia, Canada. As you can see, FLLW has had a lifelong influence upon me.

By David Weiser