The road to design and completion of Unity Temple was hard and slow. By September 26,1909, almost 4 and a half years after the old church was destroyed in the fire, the completed building was dedicated.  As I state in my book, The Noble Room, the resolution offered by the congregation went so far beyond the usual thanks and proud approval so common at those events, it is worth quoting and reading in its entirety.

“The members of the Unity Church Society, in annual meeting assembled, desire to place on record their appreciation of the new church edifice. The new building is a noble, dignified, beautiful and inspiring example of architecture and most admirably adapted to the various needs and activities of the church.

Because of its uniqueness in style and construction it is set apart as a thing by itself, at once honoring and distinguishing both its designer and its possessors. Because of its simplicity, beauty and artistic effects it cannot but exert a refining and elevating influence upon all who frequent its portals.

We believe the new structure will grow in honor and favor both with the parish and the community. We extend to the architect, Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright, our most hearty congratulations upon the wonderful achievement embodied in the new edifice and further extend to him our most sincere thanks for the great service which, through the building, he has rendered to the parish and to the community.

We believe the building will long endure as a monument to his artistic genius and that, so long as it endures, it will stand forth as a masterpiece in art and architecture.”

And they were right!

Authored by David Sokol